A Loving Creator

From ancient times mankind has tried to get a handle on the issue of pleasing this Creator who's evidence we see in creation every moment of our lives and is deeply ingrained in our subconcious memory. In pagan times sacrifices were made to deities and often human sacrifices in order to appease the anger or better yet wrath of this being that can only be categorized as "other" to our finite & fallen natural understanding.

Yet the One who made the universe from nothing & has revealed Himself in time and space in the form of Jesus Christ said the foundational characteristic of this triune Creator was LOVE. For Christ getting this message to mankind while on a mission to reconcile man to God was always problematic. Mankind just doesn't seem to comprehend the vastness of God's holiness and in turn man's own depravity and moral/spiritual impurity. Seems the more Jesus Christ taught on God's nature and the requirements to enter His presence the less mankind was able to accept it. Especially those inclined to a religious spirit through their own actions and efforts.


The ultimate reality is that all of mankind is one heartbeat from eternity. Eternity where is the question and Christ's answer was that on our own and by our own merits we are destined to separation from a Holy God forever. Christ repeatedly emphasized that hell was not only real but a place of such horror and unfathomable suffering that He came to this earth to save mankind from that very real and everlasting reality.




This is the reality that drove Christ's love of each of us to embrace the cross...to suffer unimaginable humiliation, pain, and ultimately death on an instrument of torture. Even our word to describe the worst pain imaginable comes from that Roman instrument of execution- excruciating...meaning from the cross.



However, in historic time and space on the 3rd day after His death on the cross this One called the Savior of the World walked out of His tomb alive and conqueror of death and hell.

This event changed not only the lives of His followers from cowards into lions but changed the course of human history forever. Every human being born now has the choice to follow Christ and be born again by His spirit..becoming a new creature...or reject Him and follow their own selfish desires. Ultimately our eternal destiny in heaven or hell lie with that life transforming decision.

We will either bow our knees to the glorious conquerer or raise our fist to God and walk over the cross to our own judgement and destiny in hell.

Pray this prayer if you want to turn from your sin to Christ: "Dear Lord God- Creator of the Universe- Father, I confess I'm a sinner and that you created me for yourself and for your glory in holiness. But I deserve your holy judgement for my sin has separated me from your glory. I pray that I might receive your forgiveness through your Son Jesus Christ by His shed blood and death on the cross for me. I accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to fill me and guide me all the days of my life. Amen."


Watch the video of Bill Weise's testimony of experiencing hell - http://www.soulchoiceministries.org/

Chip Rohlke President Christ is Creator Ministries, TropicalBreezeHomes.com & Shuttle Products Int'l