The true story of Dumitru Duduman Romanian Pastor and Bible smuggler to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union for 25 years.






Excerpt from the book

The Heavenly messenger showed me all of California, Las Vegas, New York, and Florida, and said

"This is as Sodom and Gomorrah!
All of this- in one day IT WILL BURN!..."

In 1984 after years of persecution and torture, Dumitru and his family were exiled to the West.

This is the true story of the man and the message God has given him for America.

I met Dumitru back in the late 80's...after he was tortured & released by the Romanian Secret Police and was speaking for Open Doors Ministry at their banquets. I worked with him & his family for many years & went to Romania with him in 1990.

My church helped him build an orphanage in Moldavia after I got back from Romania. I initially published the book myself after finally getting the (disk) manuscript from Dumitru in '91. It has since sold I believe close to 50,000 copies pretty much by word of mouth. My initial book was revised by Dumitru as he didn't get a chance to review it prior to publication(and didn't read english well).

What can I say about Dumitru & his prophesies? Well it's true much of what he said, dreamed, had visions of, or said angels told him have not come true. But he also told me that America was foretold in REV 18:9 'where the great city was burning one hour your judgement would come...ships would see her burning'.... Now that was pretty remarkable as on 9-11 I was watching NY burning on TV & this prophecy of Dumitru's burned in my mind & heart.

As someone not really of the pentecostal persuasion(more a Francis Schaefer type) I am not real sure of much of what goes for prophecy today. We were in Romania seeing a woman Dumitru considered a great prophetess and she told us none of us would die but we would see Christ come back. Now I thought that was a cool promise from God and hope it's true but in the meantime of 9 of us there I think 3 are still does that mean the lady was a fake? I have no idea though like Dumitru she seemed to live a holy life devoted to Christ. So I'll leave it in God's hands. Personally I think if Dumitru's message can wake us up to be more the Bride of Christ then perhaps God is using him in spite of his imperfections and failings. All I know is he was a man of impeccable character and one of the true soldiers of Christ like Paul that I've ever met.

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