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Christ is Creator Ministry is a non-denominational Christian ministry devoted to presenting the historic and scientific evidence for a sound Biblical Worldview of Origins. The ministry promotes inquiry into Origins as well as organizes college debates on topics such as Creation, Evolution & information systems.

Our culture has experienced an overwhelming flood of humanistic thought in recent years. In particular evolutionists are constantly barraging the public with the view of the earth being an evolving system billions of years old and that this is somehow established as a fact. Dinosaurs and the fascination children in particular have with them are often used to indoctrinate the evolution worldview. The fact is that none of this is really scientific in the real sense as origins are unique events. The facts (including the fossil record) tend to lend themselves to a creation model better than an evolution model though the bottom line is both are positions of faith and cannot be tested hypothesis. Evolutionists take the variation within the gene code and use that as a basis for the immense leap of faith to macro-evolution or molecule to man belief. Creationists tend to believe the universe shows intelligent (and mature) design with no sign of transitional life forms in the fossil record that shows instead evidence of a catastrophic flood.

However,the truth of special creation is gaining credence even among many ardent evolutionists as the evidence from Hubble and new discoveries in genetics and science show the handiwork of God in His creation and the growing problems of the evolutionary model. There is also growing evidence for a recent creation and a young earth and universe that would make the evolution model impossible(see the Origins Video Series ).

This ministry does accept financial assistance from those who want to help us in this work. Any help is greatly appreciated but always give to your local church first before any other ministry.One way you can help support this ministry is by sponsoring one of our "Evolution is a Fairy Tale for Adults" billboards..Please call us at 1-800-852-6272 or write/e-mail us below.

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