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Dr. Francis Schaeffer was a world reknown theologian, author, speaker, and founder of L'Abri Christian Center in Huemoz, Switzerland. I first came across Dr. Schaeffer's writing early in my Christian journey in the early 80's. I went to L'Abri in '84 and spent a few weeks there studying. Dr. Schaeffer is undoubtedly one of the greatest Christian thinkers since C.S. Lewis. His writings tend to focus on the loss of Christian foundations through the effects of philosophy, darwinism, and a culture that has become increasingly superficial and illogical. His battle against liberalism in the 1930's & 40's showed him the battle lines of the future. I recommend anyone wanting to understand the decline of Western Culture to study Dr. Schaeffer's works.

Basically Dr. Schaeffer wrote on the loss of meaning in life as modern philosophy moved away from a Biblical worldview and embraced a relativistic or evolutionary worldview. He believed the result of this would be catasrophic to the culture and affect every area of life- especially the value of human life. Eventually abortion, infanticide, euthanasia would lead to cloning and the total dehumanization of man. As Oliver Wendell Homes so eloquently stated..when evolutionary views are accepted then..'man is no more significant than a baboon or a grain of sand'.

Now as a German American I have to face the reality that ideas and words matter. Looking at the Nazi holocaust and how even my Aunt who visited Germany as an exchange student in the mid-1930's was caught up in that tragic and horribly deceptive movement. The question is how did millions of German Christian get so brainwashed as to accept and even support such an evil. I think the answer goes back to the 1800's where Fredereick Nietzsche & Darwin began to have a huge impact in German theology along with Rudolph Bultmann , Wellhausen, and other higher critics of the Bible. The foundations of true Christian faith and ultimately it's power were alreading long eroding by the time Hitler came along. His plan to kill millions of jews, resurrect the German nation, create an Aryan Master Race, conquer Europe and possible the world, all came out of a world view corrupted by darwinism(survival of the fittest), occultism, and a non-biblical use of Christian symbols & history(crusades,teutonic knights, Arthurian legends). The acceptance that the Fuhrer had almost complete and total power over the German people partially came through colossal and epic rallys at Nurenberg & elsewhere (Berlin Olympics) where music, images, speech and massive almost hypnotic assemblies transformed a nation of God fearing people to a mass of Hitler worshippers. Sadly this is all too common in the sordid history of man...with communism, facism, islamism,atheism, and many other 'isms' brainwashing people to follow their ideology without question or critical thinking. The end result was this social/political darwinism spawned the bloodiest century in human history(The 20th).

God is Dead... life is only a product of chance, the 'box' of the universe is all there is, ultimate meaning ultimately meaning nothing- the fruit of such philosophy (essentially post modern existentialism) results in hopelessness, anguish, and despair. Such is the world we live in that eats the fruit of such ideology. In the end only hedonism & suicide make sense & Ernest Hemmingway putting a shotgun in his mouth & pulling the trigger fits in as a natural end to life. I see this attitude appearing as atheism grows and for whatever reason human beings made in God's image deny their pedigree and choose chaos & matter as their maker & friend.

On the other hand it seems God truly has shaped a place for Himself in each one of our hearts. Those who are true to themselves and true to what really is...will eventually I think come to their senses and realize the foolishness of such philosophical positions. People who say the universe is meaningless always demand meaning to their lives whether with communication, feelings, thoughts, natural laws,etc etc. Seems we can't truly live in a meaningless cacophany experientially though we may proclaim it. God will have His way in our lives & I see many young people today throw off the hopelessness & despair of such dead end philosophies for "true Truth" & an encounter with the One (who said "I AM The Way, The Truth & The Life-no one comes to the Father but through Me"). Seems that only those with pure childlike eyes and hearts can experience Christ's presence though His offer for real & lasting Life is for all who will seek Him in Spirit & in Truth with a humble & repentent heart.

Pray this prayer if you want to turn from sin & darkness to Christ: "Dear Lord God...Creator of the Universe..Father I confess I'm a sinner and that you created me for yourself and for your glory in holiness but I deserve your holy judgement for my sin has separated me from your glory. I pray that I might receive your forgiveness through your Son Jesus Christ by His shed blood and death on the cross for me. I accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to fill me and guide me all the days of my life. Amen."


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