Information Systems and Creation

The Science of Information Systems has generated considerable debate on the possibility of macro-evolution. Not only do living cellular structures lend themselves well to this kind of analysis but the complexity of living systems is vastly greater than the cyber systems normally studied under this type of science. According to scientist Michael Denton genomes or basic genetic material carry at least 1000 million bits of complex information or enough to fill 1000 encyclopedia's in a typical library.They include complex encoded algorithms for the growth, development, and possibly even the death of billions of cells. These storage and retrieval programs with their replication mechanisms and self diagnosis of defects and chemical repair systems are far beyond any computer programs achieved through the intelligence of man. To think they arose through natural selection and random chance should be incredulous.Such systems would no more arise by chance and natural selection than brand new Boeing 777's would arise in junk yards from the effects of tornadoes or that the Taj Mahal could result from a Himalayan avalanche. Just because you create basic amino acids in a 'soup' is infinitely removed from the programming and coding required to create functioning living systems.

Dr. Wilder-Smith's video in the Origin of Life goes into the chemistry in depth. Here is an excerpt from his books "Creation of Life", and "The Scientific Alternative to Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory" and The Natural Science know Nothing of Evolution which gives you an introduction to Dr. Wilder-Smiths material.

Here's some animations that shows the complexity of the cell. Journey Inside the Cell(Discovery Institute) Inner Life of a Cell Animated 3d cells

The programming of DNA also seems to limit variation as populations form generally within bell curves and extremes are limited. Isolated populations may show wide variations but even they appear within limits.For example I find it hard to believe that horse like creatures evolved into giraffes when the vascular systems in the neck of the giraffe are so sophisticated to control the blood flow so it doesn't blow up the brain of the animal when it reaches the ground. I would think the world would represent a freak show if mutation and natural selection were the machinery of change..instead we see beauty and purpose and amazing symmetry to nature beyond man's ability to create. Saying that given enough time nature "will find a way" is to say given enough time rocks falling will create the Taj Mahal...simply not going to happen. Matter doesn't understand the coding of programming in living systems any more than C-A-T means anything to an animal or someone ignorant of the english code book or language-deciphering codes requires agreement on language and how can matter do that? In the same way..genetic material is encoded with programmed content that apparently didn't come from matter but from an intelligent designer.

Complex systems whether mechanical or biological require energy, matter AND intelligent programming of information content. Such understanding is plainly obvious when one has experience in software programming as well as engineering and mechanical design. Fully functioning complex machines and systems require precise programming of information. Turning on and off computers or entering random data into a computer does not create operational programming functions. In the same way the vastly more complex and sophisticated programming of DNA and its double helix complex structure does not lend itself to the lack of intelligent design. The mathematical possibility of such a complex structure arising in a primordial "soup" through random chance was calculated by Sir Fred Hoyle to be one in 10 to the 30,000th power or in simple terms- fill the universe with white golf balls..paint one red...appear randomly in the universe and grab the red one blindfolded-it's just statistically impossible. No, Life won't find a way & millions of monkeys can't create precise coded information on typewriters and matter just can't create complex living systems without programming intelligence.

The truth is that thousands of scientists are coming to this realization all over the world and many have joined creation based research organizations. Unfortunately the evolution establishment seems to be operating it's own "Inquisition of Belief" if you will of those brave enough to question evolutionary theory. The brilliant Sir Fred Hoyle after publishing the mathematical impossibilities of macro-evolution was not only denounced by evolutionist critcs but he lost his nomination for the Nobel prize. Robert Gentry published works on polonium rock halo dating and because his work showed a possible younger earth than currently accepted by evolutionists he lost his research grants and his job. Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith gave the Huxley Memorial lecture at Oxford University in England in Feb. 1986 and because of his effective rebuke of evolutionary theory through biology and information systems the college purged any record of his lecture. So much is the intolerance and censorship of the evolutionary camp that scientists and teachers in general are reluctant to criticize the theory no matter how bankrupt it is becoming .However, the truth of origins has far reaching consequences both temporally and in eternity and in the end the truth will win out as millions of people learn the truth of the complexity of living machines.




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